Making curriculum choices in Year 8 is very important, as it will shape each student’s time at school for the next three years and beyond.  It presents an exciting opportunity to think very carefully about their future aspirations. Please see the presentations below to find out about the things you will study in your chosen subjects.

Presentation from the Headteacher 

Art & Design GCSE

Business  GCSE

Computer Science GCSE

Creative iMedia Cambridge National Certificate 

Design Technology GCSE

Child Development Cambridge National Certificate 

Dance GSCE

Digital Information Technology BTEC

Drama GCSE and BTEC

Economics GCSE (PDF Only)

Food Preparation and Nutrition GCSE

French GCSE

Geography GCSE

History GCSE

Media Studies GCSE

Photography GCSE

Public Services

Music GCSE

Physical Education GCSE

Spanish GCSE

Sport Studies Cambridge National Studies

Travel and Tourism BTEC

Transition from Year 8 to Year 9