Directors of Learning and the Student Services Teams

The Pastoral Care Team 

The Student Services Team are available to offer support for students, staff and parents. They also work closely with the Directors of Learning to help support them in their role. They are the lead pastoral team within the school and are the first port of call for any concerns regarding welfare and behaviour for parents and staff.

The Student Services Team work hard to establish positive relationships with students to enable them to develop strategies that will give them the best education possible and their best possible experience at Seaford Head School.

During a school day the student services team are the ‘go to’ adults for Staff, Students and parents with any concerns or issues.


The team have a strong focus on behaviour and standards through the use of a restorative justice process. This is an effective way to focus on  behaviour issues alongside punitive responses to wrongdoing.

Restorative justice brings together persons harmed with persons responsible for harm in a safe and respectful space, promoting dialogue, accountability, and a stronger sense of community.


All of the team are trained in Safeguarding and First aid.


There are three members of the team on Arundel site and two on Steyne Site.

There is one Attendance Officer based on the Arundel Road Site.

To contact the team, please click on their name.

Mr W Beverley 

Director of Learning Year 7

Ms N Wells

Director of Learning Year 8

Ms B Novitt

Director of Learning Year 9

Mr J Purdey
Director of Learning Year 10

Ms L Kaukolahti (Ms Kay)
Director of Learning Year 11

Ms E Fleming

Assistant Head of Year 7 & 8

Mr L Munnery

Assistant Head of Year 9

Mrs G Bauer

Assistant Head of Year 10

Mrs K Merry

Student Services Officer

Steyne Site

Mrs W Bray

Student Services Officer

Arundel Site

Mrs D Maberley

Attendance Officer &
Trips Co-Ordinator

Ms J Bateman

Assistant Attendance Officer Steyne Site

Seaford Head School
Arundel Road, Seaford

East Sussex, BN25 4LX