I am very proud to be the Headteacher at Seaford Head School. Seaford Head is a dynamic and exciting learning community where students work extremely hard and enjoy all aspects of school life. We expect all our Year 7 students to have big dreams and ambitions for the future and we will encourage and guide you, as you work towards turning these dreams into reality. We look forward to you studying conscientiously in lessons and taking full advantage of the wide range of opportunities that will be presented to you outside of the classroom. We have the highest expectations of every member of our school community and we will challenge you to become the very best you can be. You are at the start of a very exciting journey and we will support you every step of the way.

What does transition mean at Seaford Head School?

We are very proud of the transition programme at our school. We feel it is vital for our new intake to feel that all their worries and questions are dealt with in a caring informative way. Key staff will meet with the Year 6 students in terms 5/6 in our feeder primary schools. Those students that are outside the Seaford area will be invited in to meet other students that are in the same position, which gives these students the sense of "not being alone" when starting a school without the primary school foundations of our community area. We invite our parents/carers into our school the week before the Taster Week for a Welcome Evening, where they will get the opportunity to also meet the tutors and key staff for Year 7.

What happens in Taster Week?

All of the students that are due to start with us in September are invited to spend the week with us in July. This gives the students a real feel of our school community. They will get to do their full timetable and meet all of their teachers and key staff that will be welcoming them in September. This week allows students to adjust to the secondary school environment, know where their classrooms are and what subjects they will be studying. We feel it vital for the new Year 7 students to feel confident and excited about starting with us in September after the long summer break. 

To encourage the new Year 7 students to socialize and strengthen their bond as a group we also have the Fun in Sun the Festival, which is an outdoor event full of games, music and refreshments held in the early evening along with our current Year 7. We have our whole school Fun Run on the last day of Taster Week which takes place on the Seaford promenade. This event is embraced by all whole school community and parents/carers often come along to support their children.

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What support will my child receive in Taster Week?

Whilst some students are really excited about starting secondary school, we also understand that it can be very daunting for some others. Our school has a strong ethos regarding wellbeing and we want to encourage all of our students to feel safe and cared for whilst at school. Our Student Services Team offer emotional wellbeing support to the students throughout their time at Seaford Head School to guide them through challenges that they may face during the school day. We also have a Lunch Club  which is geared towards vulnerable or SEN students but actually is available for anyone who feels anxious or would like to make new friends. Students can play chess, cards or board games,  draw or colour, or just come for a chat. The club is there for students to drop-in so there is no sign up required. This support is available through the whole of Year 7.

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