1 March 2017 - SHS Dance Festival 2017

The annual Dance festival was a highly successful and extremely professional event.  More students than ever participated and every seat in the audience was filled . 116 talented students dedicated hours of their time to practice and refine their performance pieces for the show and included many different dance styles including Contemporary, Street, Ballet, Lyrical and aspects of Sports acrobatics.


Some dance pieces were derived from Curriculum Dance at the school, including work from GCSE Dance coursework and Key Stage Three PE while others were choreographed as extra-curricular pieces by the students themselves.










Jeff Topp contributed significantly to the overall success of the Dance festival with his light and sound expertise to accompany the 26 individual dances. The smooth transitions in the accompaniment and an exciting and elaborate light display thoroughly enhanced each dance performance and contributed to a truly professional show.


A huge thank you to students from all year groups who devoted endless hours to practicing, performing, assisting back stage and being a part of this year’s production process.

For all those that witnessed the outstanding Dance skills possessed by our talented students, thank you for supporting the Seaford Head Dance Festival 2017 the feedback from friends and family was delightful to receive and appropriate recognition for the students hard work.

Seaford Head School Dance news
From Mrs Temple

Amy Cooper and Rosie Saunders  - Year 9

Lily Tidey - Year 10 and Holly Bedford, Scarlet Haren & Lola Miller - Year 9.

Kiri Harmer, Chloe Wilcox, Lauren Wright and Charlie Finch - Year 11