Open to all students and staff  of any singing ability, singing songs from the charts, pop music or musicals. 

A great way to make new friends. 

Rehearsals are in room N at Steyne (Monday lunchtime) or AS Drama room Arundel (Thursday lunchtime).  

Choir is run by Mr Faulkner and Miss Manktelow.  

Music Technology

Open to students in Year 7 & 8. 

Maybe you want to learn how to use the recording studio or want to get to grips with the more complex aspects of music software?  Maybe you want to have a go at using turntables and DJing? 

If you’re into making music using technology then the Music Technology session is for you. 

Music Technology is run by Mr Faulkner on a Thursday lunchtime

Open to all students who wish to develop skills in pop and rock performance. 

You might already play guitar, bass or drum kit.  You could join as a singer or have an interest in using the recording studio.  You might already have formed a band and want to use the music department facilities to practise and record your work.  Either way rock school is a great way to improve your musical skills and get involved in concerts and performances. Rock school is run by session musician and studio manager Mr Topp on a Monday after school in room N at Steyne site,

Rock School

If you play a musical instrument then come along to school band? 

We play rock and pop pieces and there’s a place for every instrument and every person’s ability.  If you’re in year 7 or 8 and want help learning your part then you can come along to the beginner session on Tuesday lunchtime. Students in the school band are invited to participate in the biannual music tour to perform abroad.  

School band is run by Mr Faulkner and Miss Manktelow after school on Tuesday in room N at Steyne site.

School Band

Ever fancied getting involved in a musical, then why not audition for the school production? 

Everyone is welcome provided you can commit to the rehearsals, which will take place once a week  on Wednesdays from September until January when they increase to three nights a week until the performance in February. 

The school production will be directed by Mr Faulkner, Miss Macefield and Miss Manktelow and runs from September to February.

School Production

Ukulele Group

A lunchtime club aimed at students who want to have a go at learning the Ukulele, an easier alternative or starter for the guitar. 

If you don’t have a Ukulele we can provide one to start you off. 

The Ukulele group is run by Miss Manktelow on a Tuesday lunchtime in room N at Steyne site.