Dear Parents/Carers

Thursday 27 January 2022

This term students will be guided in their Key Stage 4 GCSE pathway.

I would like to invite you to attend the GCSE Curriculum Pathway Evening on Thursday 27 January 2022 at the Steyne Road site to outline the curriculum pathway choices.  We feel this is an important event to hold, face-to-face, to ensure that the students make the best choices for their future education. 
The next few weeks are very important and we will do our best to ensure that the aspirations and needs of each individual are met.  During this term, all students will receive assembly and careers sessions at tutor time to assist with choices.

If you wish to find out further subject/course information, it would be helpful if you could visit the relevant departments.  Each subject will be represented by a member of the department, who will then be able to answer particular questions you may have on the courses offered.  Subject information will be in separate classrooms on the Steyne Road site.  Students must attend in full school uniform and they will guide you to the relevant classrooms. 

Both students and parents/carers will be required to wear masks and we encourage all attendees to take a Lateral Flow Test before attending the event.  Attendance is limited to the child and two other family members. 
Due to the large number of students in Year 8, there will be four presentations given in the hall which will last for approximately twenty-five minutes.  Students and parents/carers will then have the opportunity to visit the subject classrooms



The Year 8 Parents/Carers Consultation Evening is on Thursday 3 February 2022 and provides you with an opportunity to discuss progress in current subject areas and ask questions about the suitability of courses from their relevant teachers.  


All the subject information for the Curriculum Pathways will be placed on the school website from Thursday 27 January 2022, in the parents section under Curriculum.  


  • We cannot guarantee that all the courses on offer will run.  This will depend on there being sufficient demand from students to run viable groups.

  • We will look closely at the choices being made by each individual student.  Some of them will have a short interview with a senior member of staff after the curriculum planning deadline.  If we believe a student wishes to follow a course in which they are unlikely to succeed, we will inform you and discuss possible alternatives.


The GCSE Curriculum Pathway Form will be available as a Microsoft form emailed to parents/carers on Monday 21 February at the same time.  The deadline day is Friday 25 February at 3.00pm.  Option forms are processed on receipt, as some subjects become oversubscribed quickly.  It is really important that the deadline is met to ensure that your child gets the best chance of studying the curriculum of their choice.   Students who do not return the form by this time may find they are disadvantaged in their choices, as we start to process the information immediately.

We look forward to welcoming you on Thursday 27 January 2022.