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Mr B Ellis, Head Teacher 

Overall lead for the whole staff, students and Senior Leadership Team 

Ms J Smith, Assistant Head Teacher, Inclusion, Year 9 Liaison

DSL – Lead on all aspects of safeguarding, KCSIE, SEN, Inclusion/ Equalities Poliiy, Radicalisation Policy, E-safety, Progress of SEN / LACs, Mental Health – whole school strategy, All EHCPs, External Agencies – referrals
Line Manager for:

Inclusion, SEN, TAs, Transition Staff, Deputy SENDCO

Mrs J Mathew, Assistant Head Teacher, Curriculum Assessment, Recording & Reporting, Year 11 Liaison

Curriculum development, Achievement and progress, Staff duties, rotas and exams, Assessment, recording and reporting, Data collection and Target setting - FFT, Admissions, RSL for KS4, PiXL lead, Curriculum transition project

Line Manager for:

English and Maths, Data team, AAHT curriculum  - catch up


Mr J Waite, Assistant Head Teacher, Teaching & Learning, Year 7 Liaison 

Quality assurance and observation cycle, Staff CPD & induction/NQT programme, Staff Appraisal & whole school PM, T and L policy (inc. feedback and independent learning), HPA Strategy, Teaching interventions, ITT, ESP, Leadership and Management Group, STEM lead, Meta cognition project, Whole staff briefing

Line Manager for:

Science and Technology, Creative Arts Faculty, Display and Science technicians

Mr E Southern, Assistant Head Teacher, Key Stage 3, Year 8 Liaison

Curriculum KS3, Steyne site lead, Standards, behaviour, achievement  and progress KS3, RSL KS3, SLE outreach work, Transition project, Parental Engagement – whole school, Parents evenings, Votes for schools, Transition and open Events, Whole School Attendance

Line Manager for:

DoLs 7/8, Ebacc Faculty, Attendance Team

Mr R Handy, Assistant Head Teacher, Key Stage 5, Careers, Head of Sixth Form

Curriculum KS5, RSL KS5, Quality Assurance and standards KS5, Recruitment and marketing – KS5, 6th form student leadership

PiXL – 6th Form, Post-16 destinations, CEIAG 11 – 18 – EA and Chamber of Commerce, PTA, KS5 Data, UCAS, 6th form Open Evening and events

Line Manager for:

DOL 12/13, Post-16 SSO, LRC, Psychology, Sociology and Politics A - Level

Dr I Wallace, Assistant Head Teacher, Key Stage 4 and Student Leadership

Whole school Student leadership – including school council, fund raising and student mentoring, House co-ordination and leadership, Progression through KS4, Arundel site lead, Standards, behaviour, achievement  and progress, KS4 Behaviour, uniform and rewards policy, Parent voice KS4

Line Manager for:

PE department, DoLs 9 – 11, House Co-ordinator, Student Services, Geography

Mr J Purdey, Associate Assistant Head Teacher, Enrichment, Independent Student and Staff Wellbeing, Director of Learning For Year 10

Extra - curricular provision; Enrichment, trips, visits and after school activities –  D of E and World Challenge, Trips co-ordination

ICT Strategy 11-18 – E safety, VLE/website, Calendar, Staff well - being – SLT lead, Annual celebration of achievement
Line Manager for:

Network Team

Mr D Hooker, Associate Assistant Head Teacher, Senior Subject Leader for Maths, Curriculum, Assessment and Timetable Support, Year 9 Support

Timetable support, “Basics” interventions, Numeracy strategy

Line Manager for:

Maths Team, BEC

Mr S Whittaker, Associate Assistant Head Teacher, Recovery Curriculum and Vulnerable Students, SMSC, Year 10 Support

East Sussex PP project – AG2 joint lead, PP and  widening participation, NCOP lead, Inside out learning, Personalised, interventions for vulnerable students, Recovery strategy, Student well being, Whole school PSHE and SRE, SMSC and Votes for Schools

Line Manager for:

Hub, Ethics, PSHE and SMSC