PSHE & Well Being

From September 2017 a new developed PSHE programme has been implemented to offer students a greater access to PSHE through tutor time and embedded within lessons in Years 7-9.  Students now receive 6 lessons per term in tutor time with Year 7-9 also receiving between 12-20 one hour timetabled lessons. 


The programme has been extended and incorporates an increased focus on emotional well being, resilience and mindfulness.     There is also a strong focus on other SMSC areas through the exploration of culture, identity, financial capability and citizenship amongst other issue based education. 

Evidenced programmes have been utilised alongside the PSHE Association Programme of Study to create new schemes of work and workbooks for students to engage in.


The workbooks also now include a self-assessment focus where students can evaluate and reflect on their learning throughout the process.

Opportunities for students to engage with external specialists have been, and will continue to increase including specific workshops by Terrace Higgins Trust, Allsorts, Restart a Heart, East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service, Teenage Cancer Trust, Imam- Brighton Muslim Community, East Sussex Sexual Health and Albion in the Community.

As part of the health and well being of students we rolled out a 2 year plan. Students have access to many activities and services to encourage healthy minds and healthy bodies. Click here for more information.

Students also have access to a range of services within the school which can be accessed via their Director of Learning or

Ms L Kaukolahti (Ms K):

  • The Listening Service

  • The Youth Counselling Project

  • Group Workshops

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

  • Dropped Option support

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