Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE) is delivered through specific lessons in Year 7-11. Each year the programme builds and develops knowledge from prior years introducing new age appropriate issues and relevant topics.   In our last inspection Ofsted concluded that the new programme contributes, ‘… very well both to pupils’ welfare and to preparing them for their future lives… with excellent provision for pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development’ and that the promotion of ‘pupils’ personal development and welfare is outstanding’ (Ofsted, 2017).


In 2020 the Covid-19 Pandemic has had a huge impact on students’ well-being across the nation, bringing unprecedented changes to their everyday lives.  At Seaford Head School we are working with Strengthening Minds to run The Life After Lockdown programme to support students’ wellbeing throughout these unprecedented times. During this school year the PSHE curriculum has been specifically adapted to include work around emotional resilience and exploration of feelings due to COVID during Term 1 and 2.   Changes have also been made to ensure that students will still get an opportunity to cover main PSHE aspects missed during lockdown.


We are also very excited to be working with Edukit to launch a free wellbeing app for all of our students in the coming weeks.  The app will use the school student email accounts for them to access a range of resources and activities to support their wellbeing and other appropriate information.  All content has been approved by a mental health expert and further checked by wellbeing staff at the school.  Content is carefully filtered to only allow appropriate access for groups of students and is hosted on the app directly so does not link to further unapproved information. In addition to specific resources, students will be able to respond to surveys on wellbeing, health and other issues.  The app also gives students a quick and confidential way of letting key staff know if they are emotionally struggling so support can be arranged through our Pastoral and Wellbeing Services, more details of which can be found on the PSHE and wellbeing page linked above.


In addition to the Life after Lockdown Programme students will undertake a range of modules including emotional wellbeing, physical health, equality and diversity, social and cultural issues, bullying, online safety, environment, the law and substance awareness.  Materials have been developed using resources from specialist sources such as The Tackle Homophobia Project, SHARHP (a clinically evidenced alcohol awareness project), Smart Moves Emotional Resilience, NHS Smoking Cessation, Home Office Democracy and Lloyds Money for Life.  The full programme for 2020-2021 can be found above.


This year we have also implemented a new assessment process within PSHE to ensure that students are able to reflect and consider their development of knowledge, reasoning, skills and understanding. These self-reflective grades are combined with teacher assessment based on engagement and will appear in student academic reports.


As part of the school’s PSHE programme every Year 7-11 student will receive Relationships, Sex and Health education (RSHE) lessons. Age appropriate materials have been developed in line with the government endorsed PSHE Association curriculum and in line with new statutory guidance that came into effect in September 2020.   Information regarding RSHE can be found on our website, in our new RSHE policy and the new guidance can be found on the government website-:


At Seaford Head School, we recognise the importance of high quality RSHE which supports young people to lead safe and healthy lives into adulthood. RSHE is an entitlement for all young people. We believe that its delivery should be inclusive, taking into account young people’s age, gender, learning needs, health, culture, family circumstances and sexuality. RSHE at Seaford Head School will seek to enable young people to gain information and explore attitudes and values.


We firmly believe that RSHE is most effective when provided in a wider context of social and emotional development and therefore our programme places the emphasis upon relationships, and supports pupils’ understanding and skill in developing positive and healthy relationships alongside sex, sexuality, sexual orientation and sexual health. It is not about the promotion of sexual orientation or sexual activity. RSHE follows a spiral curriculum, as recommended by the PSHE association and Sex Education Forum. This means key areas, such as healthy relationships, peer pressure and consent, will be revisited throughout the students’ experience in an age-appropriate manner, providing timely and age appropriate information about their bodies and relationships, so that they can make their transition into adulthood with the confidence and knowledge to understand what is happening to them, and hopefully grow into confident and healthy adults able to make positive choices.


All of the work delivered in PSHE lessons will be enhanced by the ongoing social and emotional education that is imbedded across our curriculum and through our pastoral support system.


As part of the ongoing reflection and planning process of PSHE we regularly consult

students to ensure the programme meets their needs.  Key headlines from our last survey can be found on the school website. We also would like to gain regular parent and carer views on PSHE and as such have an ongoing survey open for you to access at any point: