Get into Teaching


There are two main routes into training.

School-led Training (School Direct)

If you want your training to be based in a school where you can be fully immersed in the life of a teacher from day one, a school-led training course is for you. You're selected by the school and are based there during your training. You will also spend time in at least one other school to gain the broad experience required to become a qualified teacher.

All school-led courses cover the practical and theoretical elements of teaching, often with university partners. Most school-led courses lead to a postgraduate certificate in education (PGCE) and/or master's-level credits, in addition to qualified teacher status (QTS).


University-led Training (PGCE)

Universities offer teacher training courses for both graduates and undergraduates. Universities work with groups of schools to offer at least two school experience placements as part of your training. Seaford Head School works with Sussex University and Brighton University

If you want your teacher training to be based at a university, this is the option for you. A PGCE is available through all university-led training.