Transition at
Seaford Head School

I am very proud to be the Headteacher at Seaford Head School. Seaford Head is a dynamic and exciting learning community where students work extremely hard and enjoy all aspects of school life. We expect all our Year 7 students to have big dreams and ambitions for the future and we will encourage and guide you, as you work towards turning these dreams into reality. We look forward to you studying conscientiously in lessons and taking full advantage of the wide range of opportunities that will be presented to you outside of the classroom. We have the highest expectations of every member of our school community and we will challenge you to become the very best you can be. You are at the start of a very exciting journey and we will support you every step of the way.

Support Structure:


Transition Co-ordinator: Ms Carol Kent. Ms Kent will visit primary schools to work with those students that would benefit from early support re their transition to Seaford Head School. She will work with students at the feeder primaries and will invite them (along with students from the non-feeder primary schools) to Seaford Head School to provide opportunities to look around the school and meet staff and students. Ms Kent will support students through the initial transition phase and will also be there as a key member of staff during Year 7 and when required during Year 8.

Deputy SENCO: Ms Ashley Curcio. Ms Curcio will provide support for SEND students and their parents/carers during the transition process and throughout their time in Year 7 and Year 8 at Seaford Head School. Ms Curcio will work closely with Ms Kent in liaising with key staff at the primary schools to ensure that relevant information is shared in order that support and guidance can be put in place to support the transition to Seaford Head School.

Director of Learning: Introduced during Term 6. The DOL is there to lead Year 7 from a holistic point of view providing pastoral support along with having an awareness of the academic progress of their year group. They will visit students during their time in Year 6 and will support them through their taster week and then throughout Year 7. The DOL will reinforce behavior expectations and support the attendance officer where required in ensuring that students are provided with the best opportunities for them to succeed at Seaford Head School.

Student Service Officers: The student service team are there to provide pastoral support for the students on the Steyne Site. They will reinforce the expectations of the school in relation to behavior and will also be there to support students and parents/carers where required from a pastoral perspective. They work closely with the DOL and teachers to ensure a positive environment on the Steyne Site.

Tutor: Introduced during Term 6. The tutor will meet students every morning during tutor time. They will ensure that students are ready for the day ahead and will work closely with students, parents/carers, student service officers, teachers and the DOL to ensure that students are able to succeed at Seaford Head School. They will meet with parents/carers during term 6 before students start in Year 7 to develop a positive relationship and opportunities for communication from the start of the transition process. Tutors will work closely with those students that require support regarding improving their attendance at Seaford Head School.

Assistant Headteacher: Mr Eric Southern. Mr Southern is responsible for the Steyne Site and is the transition lead who organizes the transition process and works closely with the team who provide support for the new Year 7 students.

Supporting Students:

· Assistant Headteacher visits feeder primary schools

· Director of learning and Year 7 students visit feeder primaries

· Transition handbook to provide information for Year 6 students about Seaford Head School

· Non-feeder primary school students - Taster morning to experience Maths and English lessons along with opportunity to dispel myths and generate excitement for attending SHS

· Taster week with students experiencing their new timetable and life at Seaford Head School

· Extra transition support for students where required

· Maths and English Master Classes at primary schools

· Master classes for Y5 students in a variety of subject areas

· Year 6 and Year 7 Festival

· Nurture Group

· PE opportunities with feeder primaries

Supporting Parents/carers

· Letter to parents/carers

· Open Evening and Open Mornings

· Welcome evening for parents

· Parental surgeries

· Meet the Tutor Evening

Website support with presentations/links


Supporting Teaching Staff

· Tutor programme

· Pen potrait for SEND and EVER 6 students

· Shared strategies to support students

· Shared expertise for teaching staff

· Best piece of work in English provided by primaries to support standards

Taster Week


There is some great resources on the BBC Bitesize should you wish to find out more:

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Click HERE for our Moving On booklet