For all students uniform is an important feature of the school.

We want our students to look smart and well groomed. The standard of uniform is carefully maintained by vigilant staff and we are helped by the support provided by our parents/carers. We adopt a zero tolerance approach to untidy and inappropriate uniform.

If students are not in correct uniform, parents/carers will be contacted and expected to rectify this. If parents/carers are unable to do so, and these items are missing for a second time, students will be sent home to get them and will return to school or will be placed in the isolation until rectified.

Uniform checks are carried out daily and incorrect uniform will lead to a lunchtime detention. Inappropriate items will be confiscated. Students can collect confiscated items at the end of the school day if pertinent. If confiscated for a second day parents/carers will be expected to collect the items. Students will receive sanctions for non-compliance with the uniform standards and for further details please see our Uniform Policy and Behaviour Policy

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